Exclusive Highlights of the Higher Life Conference
Texas USA 2011 With Pastor Chris

A Report on the Higher Life Conference USA 2011 with Pastor Chris

North America experienced yet another mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit from the 12th to the 14th of August 2011 in an extraordinary believers’ meeting tagged “Higher Life Conference USA with Pastor Chris.”

The three day conference witnessed a massive turnout of worshippers who throughout the conference experienced an unprecedented demonstration of God’s power in a heavenly ambience that left myriads of miracles in its wake.

The Christ Embassy Conference Center Arlington was filled to capacity for the three days with crowds thronging the venue hours before the program was billed to begin. The venue was electrified with God’s presence each night of the conference, and the palpable faith and spiritual hunger of the people necessitated the great release of God’s power, resulting in outstanding healings, blessings and miracles for God’s people.

Indeed, a new day dawned for all who attended the Higher Life Conference USA with Pastor Chris. The meeting ushered all participants into another level of life - THE HIGHER LIFE IN CHRIST.

The first day of the conference saw an avalanche of worshippers thronging the Christ Embassy Conference Center for the special meeting with our man of God Pastor Chris. Large crowds gathered at the venue hours before the commencement of the program.


The tangibility of the anointing was evident as music ministers from the various Christ Embassy Churches led the congregants in awesome moments of worship and praise. 

Before the man of God mounted the stage, the Secretary General of the Ministry, a member of the Central Executive council addressed the word-hungry congregants on how to get the best out of the meeting with our man of God. 
Great applauds filled the air and the joy of those present knew no bounds as the man of God, Pastor Chris, climbed up the stage. Pastor Chris then uncovered the power of divinity through the teaching of the word, elevating many to heights of divine ecstasy. In this day's teaching, Pastor Chris unraveled the difference between God’s concept of sin and man’s concept of sin. Reading from the following scriptures ( 1 John 3:4, John 15:2 and John 13 :34), Pastor explained that the number one reason for sin is selfishness.  The man of God went further to explain that love gives but sin holds back. He said that the love of man is selfish but God’s love empowers ( Rom 5:17, 2 cor 5:21, 1 Tim 1:9 and Rom 5:5). The man of God concluded the session by urging the captivated congregants to look at themselves in the mirror of God, if they do so, they will see the depositions God has deposited into them, then they will begin to walk in God’s ways. He explained that God is good. Thus if you are a born again Christian, you are equally good because you are the off-spring of God. 

Hundreds of people willfully marched to the front in response to the call to salvation by the man of God Pastor Chris. They had heard the message of the new creation and could not wait to be partakers of the divine life.


The second day of the conference witnessed an even greater number of hungry worshippers thronging the Christ Embassy Conference Center. Our experienced officials and marshals were not taken by surprise and had foreseen that happening especially because it was a Saturday. 

The day’s session began with electrifying performances from The Stepping Saints (Houston) and the G-Nation (Dallas).

The performances were followed by soul stirring testimony sessions. Congregants could not help but express their joy as testifiers shared their testimonies from Higher Life 2010.

The auditorium burst with joy and excitement as the man of God walked in. “I came here knowing that no one hears the word of God from Pastor Chris and remains the same”, an excited delegate exclaimed.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, led the joyous congregants in a rapturous time of worship before beginning his message. 

Pastor Chris ministered God’s word in his characteristic simple but powerful manner. Reading from 1Peter 2:9, the man of God explained that as Christians, we are not trying to come into the light, but that we are in God’s marvelous light. He unveiled the principles and power of authentic Christianity, deflating the erroneous belief by many that Christianity is one of the religions in the world. He emphasized that Christianity is not a religion. It’s the pulsating life of God in the human body.

A great number of people responded to the altar call by Pastor Chris after the message that evening.


The third and final day of the event was met with an even greater number of attendees eager to receive the word of God that would catapult them into higher realms of glory. The day’s event was in two sessions. The first one kicked off at 10am and was coordinated by Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, a top member of the Central Executive Council.

The Evening Session
On the final night there were remarkable ministrations from renowned music ministers such as Isaiah, T-Sharp and Joe Praize. 

The time of worship was indeed a time to bask in God’s love and nestle in His rest. Participants were fully engaged in an awesome time of worship as the tangible presence of Almighty God filled the auditorium to the brim.

In the attitude of worship, the congregants welcomed the man of God Pastor Chris who went straight into the night’s message. The man of God taught on the importance of walking in love and not allowing what others do or say hurt you. “Love is a hallmark of Christian maturity”, Pastor Chris proclaimed.

Amidst the series of events that took place during the Higher Life Conference was a special session when the man of God Pastor Chris called forth all Pastors and ministers of the Gospel
who attended the Conference to impart unto them the anointing for greater works in their ministries. Few experienced, compared with what these Pastors received as they were literally transported by the Holy Ghost to higher levels of glory!

A major highlight that climaxed the whole event was when the man of God, Pastor Chris, called on Reverend Ken (the Regional Pastor) to congratulate him specially for a job well done. With a standing ovation, the whole congregation joined in applauding God’s general - Reverend Ken Oyakhilome.

The Higher Life Conference USA was a major success as many witnessed God’s power at work and received supernatural ability to live the higher life and do greater exploits for the Kingdom. The glory of it all was much more than anticipated as salvation, miracles and blessings followed the Word from our man of God - Pastor Chris.